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About Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Donna

Donna Menezes-Enos, 


AP3829 and MT51467

Board Certified in Massage and Bodywork

My own journey toward wellness began with a battle with breast cancer. At the young age of 44, I was told I had an aggressive cancer and if I did not fight hard I would not survive. So that’s what I did. I went through surgeries and chemotherapy and came out on the other side cancer-free. Unfortunately, like most people who have been exposed to chemotherapy drugs, side affects kept popping up everywhere. Going through that ordeal caused me to begin looking at alternative ways to heal my body … and yes my spirit.

Learning to find peace after my breast cancer treatments began my journey to true healing.

My position on health and wellness comes from my background in social services as a crisis worker for the Department of Social Services in Massachusetts, as director of a long term care facility for Alzheimer and dementia, and as a counselor with the Department of Corrections in Massachusetts for drug and alcohol abuse. My training in therapeutic work as a massage therapist, and now as an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine draws from a very different approach to healing than the one I began my professional life in. My current orientation signifies the importance of wellness not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. One does not exist without the other and, as in the Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang (dark and light), forces within us are complimentary, interconnected and interdependent as in the natural world and give rise to how they interrelate with one another. I am a living example of this balance. For me, traditional and holistic wellness are not in opposition. Instead, they are meant to live in harmony with each other.

The key to good health is a balanced nervous system that can interrelate in the world sending the proper messaging to the body. This intertwining of our biology and our personalities, emotions, and thoughts reflects and influences the events in our body and in our lives.

Acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, energy work, yoga, and Thai Chi all respond to the nervous system, the immune, and the endocrine system. This interaction brings about a sense of wellbeing, clarity and increased immunity. This is what is meant when we say a preventative approach to wellness.

Dr. Donna Menezes-Enos

Clinic Director

Master of Science in Chinese Medicine Florida College of Integrative Medicine (2014)

Bachelor Of Science in Health Professional Management, Florida College of Integrative Medicine (2014)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Massachusetts (1987)

Dr. Donna Menezes-Enos
NCBTMB Board Certified


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Audrey L. Costa

Chef Audrey

Johnson and Whales University,

Providence Rhode Island

Associate in Science Degree/Culinary Arts


Chef Audrey L. Costa is following her passion of preparing truly good foods that are sourced locally when possible and always created with love. She understands the importance of a healthy diet and grasps that it is a vital part of maintaining balance in the body. She is conscious of where ingredients are from and how they have been handled, as to not affect their value.

Chef Audrey avoids ingredients that have been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, treated with hormones and antibiotics, or grown with GMOs and preservatives. She believes that these food additives and processes have greatly affected the health of the American public. Traditional Chinese Medicine expresses that food therapy is the front line of action in both healing of the weakened body and maintenance of the healthy body. Everyone requires specific foods relating to their conditions and body types,

Chef Audrey will develop a plan for you through a one on one consultation. She has followed a path of preparing foods with integrity and there’s love in every bite. She has lived in the Spring Hill area for the past 10 years and throughout that time, she has worked with local health food stores and local organizations in preparing food on multiple different fronts. She is looking forward to helping you get on the right track as the Chef/Culinary Consultant at Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center.


Meet our team of holistic wellness professionals. From massage to mental heath, Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center helps you thrive.

Randi L. Redmon, LMHC

License #13439

I am a licensed mental health counselor with a passion for helping my clients discover their inner resources, overcome obstacles and thrive in their lives.

I became interested in counseling after my own experience with psychotherapy. I was unable to resolve some distressing experiences on my own. I felt lost and alone. Working with a compassionate therapist helped to uncover my painful, limiting beliefs and revealed my unknown strengths and resilience. The process helped to create meaning and purpose where there had only been uncertainty and darkness. The experience changed me so significantly that I was able to attend college and earn my degree; a long-held dream that I was finally able to accomplish.

Since becoming a psychotherapist I have gained comprehensive experience working with trauma, life transitions, grief and loss, chronic illness and addictive disorders. My approach to counseling is holistic and integrative. I use trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), hypnosis, Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and other approaches adapted to fit the needs of each individual person.

Out of the broken ground of painful life events can arise deep purpose and meaning.  To get there however, we must face those painful and challenging events and feelings.  This can be made easier with an authentic and compassionate helper guiding the way.  Let me be your partner in facing whatever is in front of you and helping you to discover the freedom to live your life fully.

Randi Redman - Mental Health Counselor
Education and Credentials:
Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from University of South Florida
Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) from International Association of Trauma Professionals
ART practitioner with advanced training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy
Trained in Hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Tracey Marques

Tracy Marques - Massage Therapist

Tracey Marques is a Holistic Licensed Massage Therapist and Polarity Practitioner. She completed her education at Spa Tech Institute in Southeastern Massachusetts. Her specialties include various types of therapeutic modalities including Advanced Polarity Therapy, nutrition and Yoga, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy and infant massage. In addition, Tracey also offers pampering body scrubs, detoxifying mud wraps and aromatherapy.

Tracey received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Theatre, Dance and Speech from Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts. Tracey’s extensive history in the performing arts includes teaching dance and movement to people of various ages and abilities. She continues to value the intrinsic therapeutic value of movement and dance and loves to hold classes to share these gifts!

Tracey has also had the opportunity to work with children and adolescents on the Autism spectrum both as a behavioral therapist and dance teacher. Through this experience, she has seen first-hand the value of movement as it applies to one’s emotional and physical well-being. She believes in the value of dance as a form of expression and movement that contributes to the well-being of her clients.

Tracey has a true passion for helping others. Her calming nature and gentle ways are sure to put you at ease. Whether you need relaxation, pampering or a little movement in your life, Tracey can work with you to customize a treatment plan that is right for you.

Tracey is a mother of 6 beautiful children and believes in living a healthy lifestyle and wants to help other families achieve their own healthy wellness goals. She has a endless pursuit to learning and loves sharing new ideas and teaching!

Carla Hayes

Resource Assistant

Carla Hayes, who has been a resident of Hernando County since 1995, joins the team at the Spring Hill Holistic and Wellness Center with over 45 years of experience as a professional in various industries. She brings with her a passion and dedication for helping people with an emphasis on their health and well being.

Carla recently retired from HPH Hospice where she was employed as a Professional Relations Representative, producing education and support to the community on end-of-life care.

Customer service has always been paramount with Carla, and her many successes throughout her career are a testament to that dedication.

Carla Hayes - Assistant

Deborah Gullo,

Certified Yoga Teacher

A longtime yoga practitioner and teacher, Deborah Gullo’s focus in teaching yoga is on correct alignment, use of props for accessibility, and assisting students in finding balance and contentment in their individual yoga practice. She is experienced in working with all ages and levels of students.  A certified yoga teacher, Deborah has over 5,700 hours of teaching experience, maintains registry with Yoga Alliance at the ‘experienced teacher’ level, and is certified to provide continuing education courses to yoga teachers and massage therapists. With a commitment to continued personal growth and learning, she pursues ongoing yoga, meditation, and Ayurvedic studies.

Deborah shares her life and love with husband Sal – best friend, metal sculptor of fantastic things, and fixer of stuff. Together they have a son, Darin, daughter-in-love Amy, and two beautiful granddaughters, Emily and Mackenzie.

Jaynellen, aka Jayne Arrington

Tracy Marques - Massage Therapist

Jaynellen is certified in the following disciplines:

  • Chi Kung: Master Instructor Certification
  • Tai Chi: Instructor Certified
  • Moving for Better Balance: YMCA Certified
  • Group Exercise Instructor Certified: YMCA Certified
  • First Aid/AED/CPR for Health & Well Being Certified
  • American Tribal Style Belly Dance: GS & TT Certifications
  • Hypnotherapy: Master & Clinical Therapy Studies Certified
  • Reiki: Certified Master Practitioner

Jaynellen, aka Jayne Arrington, is a transplant from North of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, where she hosted a culturally diverse, performing, mixed media, fine arts and crafting center, Temple of the Arts. Her center hosted many instructors, practitioners and talented artists from around the world.

After moving to Hernando County, Florida in 2010, she began sharing and establishing classes and events in the cultural and healing arts through DanceCraft. Jaynellen currently teaches in five locations throughout Hernando County Florida, also in Citrus County, offering both day and evening classes. Her current offerings include Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Tribal Style Belly Dance, and Instructor Training programs.

Jaynellen has been teaching for more than 35 years. She has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout her years in business, with an extensive background in sales, marketing, motivational speaking, leadership and communications.

She firmly believes that natural, organic and alternative methods of living are what create a healthy lifestyle and a quality life, well lived. Her mission in life has been to empower, motivate and inspire those around her.

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