Holistic Wellness Services

Acupuncture, massage, mental healthy counseling and more…

Our wellness center will provide an opportunity for those individuals seeking a healthy living lifestyle. We do this through our offerings of acupuncture, massage, polarity and Reiki therapies, food and herbal therapies, yoga and Thai Chi.

We seek to empower our community, based on the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) approach to wellness. Through education and participation in our learning center, we will partner with you to find healing and peace. We fuse eastern and western philosophies to enhance and compliment standard medical treatment.

Acupuncture Work


Acupuncture is an eastern philosophy. It is a method of influencing the body to promote natural healing. This is done by inserting sterile disposable needles and applying heat or electrical stimulation at very precise acupuncture points. There are over 400 points in the body, each having its own indications and 12 meridians all associated with the organ systems. These meridians run from foot to chest and hand to head. By accessing these meridians through the various points on each meridian, we begin our treatment plan with the goal of Balanced Qi flow.

Acupuncture is just one modality under the umbrella of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Other modalities are cupping, Guasha, Tuina, food therapy and herbal therapy. The goal is always to remove toxin, strengthen the organ systems and bring overall balance (homeostasis) to the body.

Other services offered by Dr. Donna, Clinic Director

Herbal Nutritional Consultation without treatment


A holistic approach to wellness is about more than the treatment in our office. Learn to blend the bodywork done through acupuncture and/or massage with nutritional and herbal treatments. Herbal nutritional consultations may be included in regular acupuncture treatments or offered without treatment, according to your needs.

Kinesio Taping


Kinesio Taping®️ is a powerful rehabilitation technique that helps the body heal itself from injury or trauma. The method provides support to muscles and joints without requiring a restriction in your body’s range of motion. The method is used for rehabilitating injuries, pain relief, and to target somatosensory receptors with a microscopic lift of the skin.



Cupping therapy is one of the most ancient forms of medicine. It’s origins are in ancient Egyptian and Middle Eastern cultures In this practice, special cups made of glass, bamboo or silicone are used to create suction on points of the body. Cupping therapy is used for pain and inflammation relief, as well as relaxation and general well-being.

Ultrasound Therapy


Ultrasound therapy is a modality that has been used for healing since the 1940s. Ultrasound can be used to help with pain relief, to help break up scar tissue, and to create deep heat for muscle tension relief.

Low-Intensity Light Therapy [LILT]


Laser Therapy can be used to treat many different types of medical conditions. Arthritis, sports injuries, and other muscle or joint discomfort are commonly treated with laser therapy. The process jumpstarts your body’s natural healing processes.

Saliva Testing


Saliva testing helps you and Dr. Donna understand your hormone, health, and food challenges. By understanding your hormones, you can better regulate your diet, movement, and therapy routines to heal your body and maintain peak levels of health throughout your lifetime.

Ear Candling

The first records of ear candling date back to the Ancient Greeks. Modern use helps remove impurities from the system and is often used to help treat headaches, hay fever, sinusitis, and stress-related symptoms.

Acupuncture Injection Therapy (AIT)

AIT, Acupuncture Injection Therapy, is an integrative therapy that blends Chinese medicine with conventional Western homeopathic medicine. AIT certified Acupuncture Physicians inject natural substances into powerful acupuncture points. This type of therapy is most commonly used to treat pain in the body or for pairing with weight loss or hormone control protocols.


Massage is based on western philosophy, and is a method of manipulating soft tissue with various techniques to reduce pain increase, blood flow, encourage lymphatic drainage, and to bring relaxation to the nervous system. This is done through a number of techniques such as myo-facial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, cranio-sacral therapy, swedish massage, neuromuscular re-education, sports massage, and finally deep tissue Massage.

massage for holistic living

Other Services Offered by Tracey Marques, Massage Therapist, and Advanced Polarity Practitioner

Pregnancy Massage


Prenatal Massage therapy is a fantastic part of prenatal care. Relieve back, neck, and leg pain associated with pregnancy. Help aide in a better night’s rest and lower stress levels with this special therapy for expectant moms.

Mom & Baby Massage Classes


Learn how to be in loving touch with your baby and understand how to help baby sleep better and feel calmer. Studies show that infant massage can lead to improved growth and development of baby’s brain and nervous system. Classes are designed for couples.

Reflexology-Hands, Feet, and Detox Bath


Enjoy a detoxifying foot bath and mini reflexology massage to help you feel rejuvenated and clear toxins from the body. These 1.5-hour sessions include hand and foot massage, detox bath, and explanation of reflex points in the hands and feet to use at home.

Body Scrub (Sugar or Salt)


Body scrubs help increase circulation, clear away dead skin, and detoxify the body. This popular practice is a wonderful addition to your massage, polarity, or reflexology session.

Hot Stone Massage


In hot stone massage, the therapist applies heated stones to aid in relaxation and muscle tension relief. The hot stones become an extension of the therapist’s hands and are spectacular for stress relief.

Mud or Herbal Wraps


Detoxify your body and get glowing skin with a mud wrap or herbal wrap at Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center. Benefits of wraps depending on the type chosen. All wraps help relax muscles and encourage the detoxification of the body.

Polarity Sessions

(Including nutritional counseling with yoga poses)

Spring Hill residence can now enjoy the benefits of polarity therapy! Tracey Marques is an Advanced Polarity Practitioner and we are delighted to have her services at Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center. Polarity therapy is a holistic healing practice that works with life energy using a system of bodywork, exercise, and nutritional guidance.

Energy Work

Reiki and other energy therapies to balance the flow of energy in your body.


A holistic system of body postures to promote gentle movement and overall health.


A system of alternative medicine to heal naturally and through herbal therapy.


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Herbal Apothecary

At Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center, we carry chinese Herbs, western Herbs, nutritional supplements, essential oils, flower essences and wide selection of delicious herbal teas. Herbal Medicine and supplementation is an important part to your journey in healing. In our learning center we want to teach you how to empower yourself through the use of herbs and essential oils to better enhance your lives as well as your families lives. Often times we seek over the counter medicines that have harsh side affects. Herbal M\medicine works very different in your body as it seeks to tonify and strengthen your immune system. The use of essential oils and flower essences are a powerful way to relax your nervous system while fighting the harsh elements of environmental toxins. Together these simple and natural ways of treating the body enhance wellness while creating a sense of well-being.

Herbal Pharmacy in Spring Hill, Florida
Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health

Mental healthy therapy, at our center, practices in a holistic way to further that path to wellness, through individual counseling, hypnotherapy and group counseling. Peer groups through our learning center will be established in an affordable, to support your lifestyle. Peer sharing is an important part of wellness as it breaks down the barriers of isolation.

Holistic Living Classes

Holistic living education includes education in the use of herbs and essential oils. We offer Thai Chi and yoga, empowerment speakers, meditation classes, as well as various groups as dictated through demand.

Holistic Living Classes

Happy Clients

"Acupuncture and Massage treatments with Dr. Donna is a great benefit to my daily life. Besides mitigating pain from a curved spine Acupuncture has helped with anxiety to better digestion. Her comprehensive background in the medical/social service field, massage and Acupuncture provides a unique skill set to provide a balanced and effective Treatment Plan"

Lynn Cerrito Spivey

Director of Utilities / Plant City Florida

"After having a stroke, a team of doctors were unable to determine the cause. I was only 46, no history of high blood pressure, cholesterol, nor sugar and never smoked. I was put on prescription blood thinners that made me terribly weak. I decided I needed to see an alternative Physician, that is when I met Donna, she took a thorough history of my physical, emotional, and environmental well being. She spent over an hour gathering information and the exam. After a few months of treatments she was able to balance my blood and hormones. It appears years of BHRT and natural changes had caused many blood clots. Not only am I now in balance, my allergies have been cured, hot flashes are gone, I am off blood thinners, have lost weight, have more energy, Hashimotos is gone and my mind is clear. Thank you for giving me my life back Donna Menezes-Enos!"

Lisa Evers

Alive and Live w/ Lisa D / www.12radio.com

"I tried acupuncture for the 1st time this year and worked with Donna. She is very intuitive and gifted at what she does. She helped me relax and tune into my body's needs through the practice and supplementation. Grateful to have had this experience! Must try it for yourself 🙂 Thank you!"

Maggie Shea

Spring Hill, Florida

"I have suffered with arthritis for about 14 years. The last year and half I have been fighting gout. Even though I followed a restricted diet with an apple cider vinegar cocktail everyday, my flares were becoming more frequent and extremely painful. I decided to try something different and this is what led me to Donna. Within 2 treatments, I felt so much better.The gout pain was gone and my uric acid level had dropped from 12 to an 8...which is just amazing to me. I also had cough, congestion and fever which I needed a antibiotic from my doctor. That combined with acupuncture and herbal teas...I am feeling amazing! Taking her instruction and her knowledge is what I feel gave me hope to move into wellness. I would recommend Donna to take care of you physically. spiritually, and emotionally. I feel blessed and so grateful to have Donna in my life."

Gigi Citarella

Spring Hill, Florida

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