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Thermography – preventive Healthcare Screenings – full body or selected regions.

Thermography is safe, easy, pain-free, and radiation free. There is no contact or compression. It detects physiological changes of the body in real time imaging.

Thermography identifies inflammatory conditions by temperature changes. It can identify fibrocystic tissue disease and tumor inflammation within the body. It is effective for breasts of all sizes including breasts with implants.

Thermography provides opportunities for early detection. Early health screenings assist in identifying a disease before any symptoms appear. The earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more likely it is that it can be cured or successfully managed.

Thermography provides a unique insight of developing conditions long before detection from conventional imaging. It is safe for all individuals, men or women, young or old, pregnant, breast feeding, those with dense breast tissue, and women who are pre- and post-menopausal.

Scans will be offered at Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center on the last Tuesday of each month beginning August 27, 2019. All scans are performed by June Drennon, CCT. June has been a certified clinical thermographer since 2008. She is passionate about working with men and women who care about the state of their health and believe that prevention is better than detection. June is looking forward to serving all of your thermography needs.

For information on pricing, or to schedule an appointment please call 727-729-2711.

About Us:Spring Hill Holistic Wellness focuses on the whole individual, bringing health to the body, mind, and spirit. Non-invasive, organic health care, whether it is the food you eat or the natural herbal medicine you take or utilizing our many services. You will see an improvement in your thinking and in your relationships, both personal and at work. We are here to address your needs and guide you to a happy and joyful life. Your local source for joyful living!

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Hernando and surrounding counties.
Thermography - a simple, non-invasive process that is private, safe, painless and no contact, is offered at the Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center with June Drennon of Tampa Bay Thermography. There is a large margin between healthy and a diagnosis and it's helpful to know where you fall within that spectrum. Discover your imbalances before they become a diagnosis.
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