Today we use the word Apothecary to denote a place where medications are sold.

Although we call these places pharmacies, there are still some who use the word apothecary, conjuring up times gone by.  Perhaps a simpler time, when medicines were more natural or a time when you had a relationship with that specific “apotheca”, who designed his or her herbal formulas to the specific person in need.  I think, for me, that is why apothecary conjures up that one-to-one relationship with the medicine and the patients.

“This five syllable word apothecary entered English in the 14th century and it derives from the latin, apotheca, meaning storehouse.  It actually was the title for the person who was skilled in preparing medicines.”

Back in 1995 after my experience with Cancer, I entered into a period of self-healing.

I knew I had to begin to do things differently if I wanted to survive this dreadful diagnosis.  This was my lead into alternative methods of healing.  It actually started with the aroma.  I remember lighting candles and burning incense trying to achieve that feeling of wellbeing, and although it had accomplished its purpose it also led me to more curiosity.  For example, what was it for us that helped us to respond in a healthy way to aroma’s and what was it that elicited negative emotions in us?  

I knew from my own experience that if I was burning something pleasurable it elicited a feeling of peace and sometimes joy. By the same token, upon visiting my oncologist and the smell that exited the chemo room, made me nauseous and anxious.

I wanted to know more not just for my own benefit but for me to share with others.

This need to know helped me to find purpose in my illness.  I knew I was on to something back in 1996. This was all very new but my searching gave me energy and excitement. 

“In wooden cabinets that date to the mid century are mortars and pestles and apothecary jar filled with remedies.”


My introduction to essential oils came from this curiosity.

As my focus became finer tuned I progressed from candles and incense to essential oils and the journey to the center of the brain became the focus.  You see, this is how essential oils work they go directly to the olfactory center of the brain which lies within the limbic system. The limbic system is often considered the primitive brain before the revolutionary development of gray matter. 

It is the part of the brain that responds to stimuli in this case sense of smell.  It determines if we are in danger or at rest, this Psycho-neuro-immunology, which represents the nervous system, emotions, and endocrine system.  Interconnects the roles played by emotions, nervous system response and endocrine activity, and how the immune system plays its roles in respective to each.  I finally was beginning to understand my reaction in a positive way to aromas and how it was impacting my mood and my health. Further investigation and study brought me to another revelation and that was the role of essential oils in herbs.  As it so happens essential oils happen to be the soul of the plants.  So what the essential oils can do, the herbs incorporated into a daily diet of teas or liquid extracts could have effects on the body in a more systemic way.

I continued my study and knowledge and it took me down wonderful roads of growth and health and the desire to share what I was learning and in 1996 I opened up an Herbal Apothecary called Wics and Balms in the Downtown historic area of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

There it thrived for six years, winning awards by the business community and the state of Massachusetts.  My history of cancer circulated and it attracted many people going through similar hardships together we helped each other.  The work was rewarding and healing for me.  To this day I call it my soul work and I am grateful for the walk and path it has directed me into.

My vision for Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center Apothecary is a similar vision that I had for Wics and Balms.

I find myself remembering how I chose products for the apothecary. My focus was only on wholesome products made by cottage industries owned by herbalists.  The integrity of the product and herbs going into the creation.  The care of the planet while extracting the herbs for usage. 

The reason why I want the apothecary open to the public and not only to patients is to spread the word of an alternative way to take in medicines.  The apothecary is only the first step to awareness the next step is to understand the medicine and how to take the medicine.  That is where the teaching comes into place.  Also if someone just wanted to have a consult with the herbalist it would be available.  Some people come into the center who may just want that start of their journey. It is important to respect each others journey.  In every person there becomes that AHA moment when compliance is no longer a problem but the benefit is clearly felt and understood physically and emotionally.

Spring Hill Wellness’ Apothecary will have a mixture of bulk herbs grown in this country under organic conditions, Chinese Herb in formulas to drink as teas or capsules to ingest for those who do not like teas. 

We will also carry a large assortment of essential oils, flower essences, liquid extracts and homeopathic medicines as well as nutritional supplements and a variety of CBD oils and products.  I want to add here that I would like to see us carry a large assortment of bulk teas to drink as beverage blends iced or warm.  There is a whole world of fun when you begin to engage in wellness and when you begin to feel better you will appreciate its empowering side effects.  From drinking tea to using balms to smelling aromas, you begin to see the many uses for mother nature’s gifts.  When we combine that with our body work department and our movement studio you will not know what happened to your apathy, lack of energy, lack of joy. 

We at Spring Hill are committed to your well-being and our own well-being.  Supporting you and your relationships will benefit all in our community.

Hope to see you soon……at Spring Hill Holistic Wellness Center!!

Our Apothecary’s Origin Story: Apotheca  “The Storehouse”
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Our Apothecary’s Origin Story: Apotheca “The Storehouse”
Learn about the origins of the term Apothecary and why we've decided to open one in Spring Hill, Florida.
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